Wednesday 10 April 2013

SEO best practices – Domain Names | April 9th 2013

In this article we will look at domain names and consider 8 important concepts to remember in order to maximize search engine referral traffic. These include memorable names, keyword rich domain names, the use of hyphens and non .com  domain names.

Domain names are the human readable Internet addresses of websites. Where computer use addresses using numbers such as, these addresses are made more human friendly by translating them into letters called domain names.

There are many considerations when choosing your domain name. The most important considerations are choosing domain names that are memorable and keyword rich, that is including your primary keyword or phrase in the domain name. Other important considerations are whether to use of hyphens and buying non .com domain names. Other considerations include using sub folders instead of sub domains, and what to do when moving to a website from one domain name to a new one

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