Tuesday 25 June 2013

Building websites using website builders | June 25th 2013

In this article we will be looking at website builders and why they are so popular and some considerations when choosing them. We also compare 5 website building providers.

What is a website builder? 
These are services that are geared to designing websites online using a set of pre designed templates, tools and features with the aim of getting your website published in a few short minutes, no coding experience required.  

Why are they so popular?
 Website builders have boomed over the years because everyone wants to get a website published and in many cases do no have the confidence or experience to do it themselves. Also, many people may not want to hire a professional company or designer solely because of the costs involved. They them turn to website builders which are tipped to take out a lot of the hard work such as designing a layout and coding, and you simply put in the information you want. 

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