Monday 23 September 2013

Does poor user experience affect the overall customer experience? | 23rd September 2013

In previous articles we have looked at the importance of customer experience. In this article we look at whether poor user experience, whether this is through poor layout of a website or problems in store, can affect the overall experience of the customer.

Customer’s experience is very important and it must be maintained to a high standard from the start of the sales process to it completion. Completion of the sales process in many cases is the actual receipt of physical goods ordered online or physically bought at a store or receipt electronic goods bought online. It shouldn’t be thought for an instant that customer experience ends with customers leaving the store or website they purchased from.

User experience can be defined as the reactor or nucleus of a brand where the brand is in essence the sum of the experiences a person has with a company or organization.

The overall experience of customer can be affected by a poor user experience in a number of ways.


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